• Jennifer,

    Our trip to London and Oxford was truly amazing. I cannot thank you and your team enough for planning a wonderful experience for us. My 'royalist' daughter was in literal tears when we walked up to Buckingham Palace...and her enthusiasm didn't wane throughout the entire trip. Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London...so many places were thrilling for her. 

    Our London guide, Mark, was fantastic. He truly let our desires lead the way. Mark and our driver made the time...and made my daughter's day! He said that was a new request for him, but that he aimed to please. He was patient and knowledgeable and we loved our days in London with him. My son was absolutely enthralled with the BTS tour of the Churchill War Rooms. We all were, actually.

    Elizabeth in Oxford was a breath of fresh air. Such grace, knowledge and love for Oxford. She was wonderful as well. Not only do I want to be her best friend, but I want to be in her book club! If I could change anything about the trip, we would have spent an additional day in Oxford...we absolutely loved it.

    David was so nice and had so much information to share. Stonehenge was a true sight to behold...truly amazing. 

    Both hotels were amazing. The locations of each were perfect and I'm so glad that we selected those two. 

    Again, thank you so much for your impeccable planning of our wonderful vacation. My daughters kept our friends and family updated daily on their Instagram pages, and I added my posts after we returned home!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Alexia,

    I just spoke with the client and she is beside herself with how fantastic last night was: "Nothing but massive compliments all night on hard rock. It was a huge hit. People were blown away. And you all handled it seamlessly so thank you. I was so impressed with your organization. Made my life so much easier so I truly appreciate it."

    She couldn’t be happier with the event, your service, and the experience overall. I can’t thank you enough! You and your team are amazing.

    Thanks for making me look so good!


    Beverly Hills, California, USA - Protravel International - Cindy Jorgenson

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for jumping in with only a week to plan and putting together this amazing trip! You and your team have been such a pleasure to work with and for you keeping me updated throughout the trip!

    I heard they had a great time and everything went well. I’ll be sure to reach out for any future trips! 

    Beverly Hills, USA - One Travel Group - Garin Yoshimura

  • IT WAS PERFECT! God I am so so happy, she couldn't believe it. This was the best night of our lives thanks to you! You seriously killed it. I can't believe how absolutely perfect it was!

    Chicago, USA - Preserve Travel - Helen Nguyen

  • Alexia,

    Just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of my clients. They said you were amazing and the boat was perfect:

    "Alexia, we wanted to thank you so much for all your hemlock in Ibiza. Our stay was fantastic thanks to you for coordinating everything. Will definitely see you next summer!"

    They appreciated you welcoming them each day and making sure all was good! I also appreciate you taking this on last minute!

    Corona Del Mar, California, USA - Lounge Couture - Tiffany Bowne

  • ALEXIA YOU ARE A TRAVEL GODDESS, and I am beyond grateful for all you did for me on this trip!
    We are truly running as FAST as we can, and I feel so blessed to have you helping me with Blair's family. I could NEVER have done this without you. Thank you for all your help Alexia. Here's Blair feedback:

    "You were amazing and our time in Ibizia was fantastic!"

    Encino, California, USA - Protravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • Alexia,

    Thank you so much for all your work last week, you were amazing and I am super grateful.


    London, England - EnVogue Travel - Emma Higgins

  • Alexia,

    thank you so much for everything! You did an amazing job! :)

    Los Angeles, USA - Smartflyer - Lauren Tulp Cichocki, SmartFlyer Client

  • Massive THANKS to all of my dear friends who always take extra good care of my clients and made me look like a star!


    Mexico City, Mexico - Forest Travel - Jason Santamaria

  • Hi,

    I just had a call with Gustavo and he said: "It was all 10+, but Alexia...she was 100+ !"

    He said he has always had the best services with my suppliers, but YOU exceeded all.

    Thank you so much!

    Mexico City, Mexico - Viajes Intermex - Silvia Troyce

  • Hi, 

    It was everything absolutely perfect. Expectations exceeded!

    Great job!

    Mexico City, Mexico - Viajes Intermex - Silvia Troyce

  • Hi guys!

    I hope you’re well, I would like to request your help for a trip to Ibiza!

    We would need your support and Alexia's who always does a fantastic job!

    Miami, USA - ITG Travel Agency - Marc Kosberg

  • Alexia,

    Thank you for the amazing service you always give our clients!

    Here's to more to come!


    New York - Jadore Luxury - Isabelle Hogan

  • Dear Alexia,

    Have I told you how AMAZING you are!!!

    Thank-you for making this such a special trip for the clients!

    You are truly the best and I am beyond grateful for all you do.


    New York - Protravel - Annette Sordoni

  • I worked with Tiago and Queen of Clubs on many trips, both within the US, Europe and transatlantic. Without fail, Tiago and his team respond quickly all the time - I sometimes think they don’t sleep at all! No question goes unanswered and no request is too difficult. Their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. Contracts and paperwork are simple and dispatched quickly and, once confirmed, full details are updated right up to departure time. And then they inform me of the landing too. It’s wonderful to work with a company that understands that we like to know our clients are on the way, landed and taken care of. I’ve never had a problem at any point in the process. You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands.

    New York, New York - Protravel International - Siobhan Hennessy

  • We had an incredible time!

    The details planned were all perfect. We enjoyed every minute, maybe too much the night we were at Pacha and didn’t leave until 4AM!

    Annabel was wonderful to be with!

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Ellie Colin

  • They had a great time and agree that your team was fantastic with arranging everything for them!

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Amy Stahl

  • Hi Tiago!

    Thank you! We had the most amazing day!

    Luigi was great, the boat and weather and everything was fantastic, and we loved loved loved Formentera :)

    Thank you again for your help it organizing everything, now we go exploring today!

    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Kimberly Gavi

  • Alexia,

    You have been so kind. Every day has been perfect. Each day has been filled with so many different things & experiences: calas, coves, food, sun and sea. We feel as though we have been here longer than we actually have because of the variety of our time here. What a magical island.

    Our favourite day has to be the boat trip on Oryx and with Manolo - the sunset and the sky as we rode back we will never forget. Cala Gracioneta and Cala Xuclar were perfect too. Hidden gems. So peaceful, natural and restorative.

    Thank you for organising everything so immaculately, for anticipating our every need, and for being at the other end of the phone when I deviate from the plan! We don’t want to leave! But we will be back.

    New York, USA - Smartflyer - Kara Slater, SmartFlyer Client

  • Alexia, 

    Thank you SO much for the updates, really helpful.

    So happy they are having a great time, and we are so happy they are in good hands! 


    New York, USA - Smartflyer - Kara Foster

  • Thank you Alexia for everything!

    So glad it went so well!

    I appreciate all of your help! 

    New York, USA - Tribeca Traveler - Michelle Summerville

  • We’ve had perfect stay! Weather great.

    Blue Marlin yesterday was a 10! Leo show the best! A must if you come here.

    Richmond, Virginia, USA - Caroline Travels The World - Client Feedback of Caroline T. Wallace

  • We’ve recommended your services to several other yachts in the area – we’ve been very impressed!

    Many Thanks!

    Southampton, England - Bravo Eugenia Superyacht - Katy Pascoe

  • Hi Alexia, 

    We want to thank your team again for the way you handled Ibiza and locked in our clients every last wish!

    It was easy working with you and your team and you really knocked it out of the park. We look forward to many more trips ahead! 

    Thank you so much!

    Nicole Adams

    Texas, USA - Align Lifestyle Management - Nicole Adams

  • Thanks Alexia,

    I so appreciate you and Queen of Clubs making this trip memorable for our mutual clients!
    Take care,

    USA - Travel Experts - Lee Scheeler

  • THANK YOU....this means the world to me.

    I am so grateful to you and your team. This is a great example of true partnership to be able to arrange an epic trip to a place that I have no clue where to begin.


    Vancouver, USA - Renshaw Travel Ltd. - David E. Lowy

  • Tiago, Jennifer,

    You guys are the best - thank you! This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!

    Vienna, Austria - Lily Pond Luxury - McLean Robbins