Did You Know? Tanit, the Warrior Goddess, Protector of Ibiza

Tanit, also spelled Tinith or Tinnit, was the goddess of Carthage and the goddess of dance, fertility and creation. She was probably the consort of Baal Hammon, the male god of Carthage. Tanit, also venerated in Malta, Sardinia and Spain, was a sky goddess who ruled over the Sun, the Stars and the Moon. 

Both the palm tree and the serpent are attributed to her. The former represents the desert version of the Tree of Life, while the latter is a symbol of the life force of the Earth - indeed, her name means ‘serpent lady’. Other symbols associated with her are the dove, the grapes and the pomegranate, meaning fertility and fruitfulness. 

It is said that the original settlers of Ibiza worshipped Tanit, she then became the protector goddess of Ibiza and there was once a temple dedicated to her. She’s still very much present on the island in spirit, as many hotels, villas, resorts and souvenirs are named after her.

Some say that she still watches and protects the island of Ibiza from the west coast, home of the sunset. For thousands of years, visitors have come to Ibiza to admire the magical glow from the sunset which bathes the sky with beautiful colours. You’d want to head to the area around Atlantis and Es Vedrà, we can help you choose the best itinerary to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery - check our experience ‘Hiking and Walking’ or contact us!

Next time you’re dancing on the white sand beach of Ibiza while watching a burning sky sunset, don’t forget to greet the ancient deity - she might be dancing right next to you!