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Did You Know? Es Vedrà, the Island of Magic and Energy

Es Vedrà is one of the biggest mysteries of Ibiza, and we’re going to guide you through this mystical landscape of intriguing carvings, asymmetrical walls, and natural seawater pools! The rocky island is entirely made of limestone and rests on the sea waters, 2km away from the south-western coast of Ibiza, facing Cala d’Hort beach.

It’s part of a nature reserve established in 2002, formed by Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and seven other islets, with a spectacular height of 381 meters above sea level, an impressive mountain it is, accessible only by sea. The island is completely uninhabited and only nature lives there!

Es Vedrà has inspired many artists, musicians, photographers, writers and painters, and has been said to send great energetic vibes, but this is only one of the aspects that make the island a magical and mystic rock!

Studies have shown that the island is the third magnetic field on Earth, after the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle. Birds completely lose their orientation and this is probably due to its presence on the island and the particular metals and minerals that interfere with them.

However, if we venture into the myths about the island, everything becomes even more fascinating! According to some legends, Es Vedrà was the home of those mermaids and marine nymphs that Ulysses met in his Odyssey.

It is also said that the Phoenicians established one of their most important colonies there, and found sacred places where they could contact their gods. One of them was Tanit, the goddess of Carthage and also of dance, fertility and creation - if you like to know more about Tanit, see our post about the warrior goddess, protector of Ibiza. Many believe that Es Vedrà is the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis.

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