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We are just over the moon to present our new and exciting website! The idea was to create an exclusive platform for ease and dependability with everything at your fingertips - just for you.

Password protected, navigating through our weird and wonderful experiences and luxury services is quick, easy and stress-free! Explore our vast range of tickets that we can acquire for concerts, sports, ballet, opera, cabaret, and other events - even if they’re sold out!

The elements of our QofC Lifestyle section have been carefully selected, listing our suggested hotels and restaurants. Enquire about nightlife - including a star selection of Beach Clubs and the best of Ibizan bars and clubs.

All of this can be enjoyed whilst listening to the beats of Filippo Torriani’s playlists on our Music page, complementing the vibe of your week, and don’t forget to keep an eye on this page – Stories – to stay caught-up on the latest news of our four destinations: UK, France, Italy and Ibiza.

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10 Years

Over the past ten years, it’s been a wonderful journey, making great friendships, forming lasting partnerships and creating a lifestyle of wanderlust and luxurious experiences.

We thank you all deeply for keeping our wonderful dream alive and helping to keep Queen of Clubs at the forefront of the industry.

Our biggest thanks goes to our team at Queen of Clubs who, each and every day, strive to make the company everything it can be.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Filippo & Jennifer

Celebrating 10 years of limitless luxury.

Why do I need a fixer?

One question we get asked frequently is ‘why do I need a Fixer?

Well, there are many reasons... Connections are key to getting the best tables and into the right clubs on the right night with the right DJ! Music is everything here. Club nights will bring a certain crowd, and we want to make sure it’s your crowd!

A Fixer in-the-know can go over your itinerary with you and make changes that will be key to making your stay memorable and completely fabulous!

Ibiza is not only about the nightlife. This amazing island offers incredible restaurants and beach clubs - too many different styles and cuisines to even try in one vacation, but your Fixer will make sure your designed itinerary suits you.

And, why not have a relaxed start to your day and stroll down to the beach when suits you? Have your Fixer hold your sunbeds for you until you’re ready (to not be disappointed as most sunbeds will be taken by midday, even after booking and payment has been made.) Additionally, your Fixer will arrive early to your reservations to make sure all is ready for you, change times if you request and check over your bills. Not sure how many bottles you’ve ordered? Your Fixer knows and will make sure the bill is right so you can enjoy every moment.

Having that trusted person by your side throughout your holiday is a luxury worth every penny. Always discreet but knowing when to be present is a skill mastered by our very own personal Fixers.Your Fixer is there for you at all times - day or night - making sure you get where you want to go whether by car or boat. Bookable for 24 or 12 hours at a time, they will ensure you are happy, relaxed and having the best time on the White Isle!

Truly Jet-setting

Air travel is a truly luxury experience and flying privately really is the only way to fly!

Travelling ‘door-to-door’ is just what the doctor ordered – relaxing, less stress, more efficiency. It’s a much happier and luxurious experience all around!

In a schedule that revolves completely around you, get from A to B conveniently no matter where A and B are! Bordeaux to the South of France? No problem. Travel between Madrid or Barcelona to Ibiza, St Tropez and Ibiza, Paris, London, Rome, Florence, or Naples with no connections and no lengthy waits.

Single, return and multiple leg journeys can be tailored to you and your needs. If you are a group of 4 or more, it may even be more cost effective to travel for business or leisure via private jet. Specific scheduling or flight routing for attending business meetings has never been easier.

By-pass security. Fly from private terminals in bespoke aircrafts. Travel with no connections through smaller airports. Meet your pilot, and unwind during your flight, feeling refreshed at the other end - this is what private jet travel is all about!

Queen of Clubs is an official licensed private jet broker and an expert in private jet travel within Europe. We can source the best plane for your trip of complete luxury!