Queen of Clubs would like to welcome you back safely with open arms, and with the passing of time we can happily say the hotels are reopening at our destinations. We have been reaching out to all of our suppliers to ensure your safety without affecting your travel experience. Our team is excited to see you travelling again soon and to plan your next adventures!


Agro Turismo sa Talaia:
now open

Aguas de Ibiza: now open

Atzaro: now open

Bless: now open

Destino Pacha Resort: now open

Hacienda Xamena: now open

Hard Rock: now open

Ibiza Gran Hotel: now open

Me Ibiza: now open

Mikasa: now open

Mirador Dalt Villa: TBC

Nobu: closed

Sir Joan: now open

The Giri Residence: now open

Ushuaia: TBC

W Ibiza: now open

7 Pines: now open


Five Flowers Hotel Spa Formentera: now open

Gecko: now open

Queen of Clubs would like to welcome you back safely with open arms, and with the passing of time we can happily say the cafés, bars, restaurants and beach clubs are reopening at our destinations. Our team is excited to see you travelling again soon and to plan your next adventures!



Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe: now open

Aiyanna: now open

Amante: now open

Atzaró Beach: closed

Bambuddha: now open

Beachouse Ibiza: closed

Beso Beach Ibiza: now open

Blue Marlin Ibiza: TBC

Blue Marlin Marina: TBC

Can Balafia: TBC

Can Domingo: now open

Cala Bassa Beach Club: now open

Cala Bonita: now open

Cana Pepeta: now open

Casa Maca: now open

Cafe del Mar: TBC

Chiringuito Blue: now open

Cipriani Ibiza: now open

Coricancha: TBC

Cotton Club: TBC

Destino Pacha Resort: now open

El Chiringuito Ibiza: closed

El Olivo Mio: now open

Elements: now open

Es Mirador - Mirador Dalt Villa: TBC

Es Boldado Ibiza: now open

Es Torrent: now open

Es Xacru: now open

Experimental Beach Club: now open

Ginger: TBC

Heart: TBC

Ibiza Food Studio: now open

IT: now open

Izakaya: now open

Jul's: closed

Kyupiddo: TBC

La Brasa: now open

La Granja: now open

La Luna nell' Orto: now open

La Escollera: now open

La Paloma: now open

La Torre: now open

La Veranda - Atzaro: now open

Lio: temporary closed

Los Enamorados: now open

Macao Café: now open

Maison Le Vrai: now open

Maymanta - Aguas de Ibiza: now open

Maya Beach Club: TBC

Nagai Ibiza: now open

Nassau beach Club: now open

Nobu: now open

Patchwork: TBC

Pershing Yacht Terrace: now open

Radio Me Rooftop Bar: now open

Restaurante Sacaleta: now open

Sa Punta Ibiza: TBC

STK Ibiza: now open

Sublimotion: not opening this season due to Covid19 and not being able to comply with the security conditions for their clients. Their capacity is already very limited and reducing it further would mean not being able to offer the highest quality of the gastronomic performance.

Sunset Ashram: now open

Supper Club: TBC

Tanit Beach: TBC

Tatel Ibiza: TBC

The Giri Café: now open

The Ninth - Hard Rock Hotel: now open

The View Ibiza - 7 Pines Hotel: now open

Tropicana Ibiza: now open

Yemanja: now open

Zela: TBC


A Mi Manera:
now open

Beso Beach Formentera: now open

Can Carlitos: now open

Chezz Gerdi Formentera: now open

Es Moli de Sal: now open

Gecko: now open

Juan y Andrea: TBC

Kokoy - Five Flowers Hotel Spa Formentera: TBC


The status of clubs reopening is still vague, but we will continuously update this page when change arise. Below are the clubs with a reopening date.

Lio: open 

Our goal is to welcome you back to Ibiza as soon as possible and ensure your safety and wellbeing without altering your experience too much. We would like to give you an idea on what your transfers would look like for the next few months, according to the latest guidelines published by the Spanish Government.

Private Drivers and Taxis

All drivers must wear masks. 

All clients must wear masks.

No passenger is allowed in the front seat. 

Only clients from the same family, household or going to the same hotel are allowed to travel together - this might change from 23rd of July.

In order to maximise safety, at the end of each service, the vehicle will be ventilated by opening windows and/or doors. The driver will sanitise all surfaces the previous clients have come in contact with by using disinfectant liquid and a disposable paper towels.

As EU Member States slowly start lifting the restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU, the European Union has created an interactive tool that provides you with the information you need to confidently plan your European travel, and holidays while staying healthy and safe.

The information is frequently updated and available in 24 languages for your convenience.