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  • Jennifer, our trip to London and Oxford was truly amazing. I cannot thank you and your team enough for planning a wonderful experience for us!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Nothing but massive compliments all night on hard rock. It was a huge hit. People were blown away. And you all handled it seamlessly so thank you. I was so impressed with your organization. Thanks for making me look so good!

    Beverly Hills, California, USA - Protravel International - Cindy Jorgenson

  • You and your team have been such a pleasure to work with and for you keeping me updated throughout the trip! I’ll be sure to reach out for any future trips!

    Beverly Hills, USA - One Travel Group - Garin Yoshimura

  • God I am so so happy, she couldn't believe it. This was the best night of our lives thanks to you!

    Chicago, USA - Preserve Travel - Helen Nguyen

  • Alexia, just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of my clients. They appreciated you welcoming them each day and making sure all was good! I also appreciate you taking this on last minute.

    Corona Del Mar, California, USA - Lounge Couture - Tiffany Bowne

  • ALEXIA YOU ARE A TRAVEL GODDESS, and I am beyond grateful for all you did for me on this trip!

    Encino, California, USA - Protravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • Alexia, thank you so much for all your work last week, you were amazing and I am super grateful, Emma

    London, England - EnVogue Travel - Emma Higgins

  • Alexia, thank you so much for everything! You did an amazing job! :

    Los Angeles, USA - Smartflyer - Lauren Tulp Cichocki, SmartFlyer Client

  • Massive THANKS to all of my dear friends who always take extra good care of my clients and made me look like a star!

    Mexico City, Mexico - Forest Travel - Jason Santamaria

  • I just had a call with Gustavo and he said: "It was all 10+, but Alexia...she was 100+ !"

    Mexico City, Mexico - Viajes Intermex - Silvia Troyce

  • It was everything absolutely perfect. Expectations exceeded!

    Mexico City, Mexico - Viajes Intermex - Silvia Troyce

  • We would need your support and Alexia's who always does a fantastic job!

    Miami, USA - ITG Travel Agency - Marc Kosberg

  • Alexia, ​​​Thank you for the amazing service you always give our clients! Here's to more to come!

    New York - Jadore Luxury - Isabelle Hogan

  • Dear Alexia, have I told you how AMAZING you are! Thank-you for making this such a special trip for the clients! You are truly the best and I am beyond grateful for all you do.

    New York - Protravel - Annette Sordoni

  • It’s wonderful to work with a company that understands that we like to know our clients are on the way, landed and taken care of. I’ve never had a problem at any point in the process.

    New York, New York - Protravel International - Siobhan Hennessy

  • We had an incredible time! The details planned were all perfect.

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Ellie Colin

  • Your team was fantastic!

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Amy Stahl

  • Thank you! We had the most amazing day! Luigi was great, the boat and weather and everything was fantastic, and we loved loved loved Formentera :)

    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Kimberly Gavi

  • Alexia, you have been so kind. Every day has been perfect. Each day has been filled with so many different things & experiences. So peaceful, natural and restorative. We don’t want to leave! But we will be back.

    New York, USA - Smartflyer - Kara Slater, SmartFlyer Client

  • So happy they are having a great time and we are so happy they are in good hands!

    New York, USA - Smartflyer - Kara Foster

  • Thank you Alexia for everything. So glad it went so well!

    New York, USA - Tribeca Traveler - Michelle Summerville

  • We’ve had perfect stay! Weather great. Blue Marlin yesterday was a 10!

    Richmond, Virginia, USA - Caroline Travels The World - Client Feedback of Caroline T. Wallace

  • We've been impressed!

    Southampton, England - Bravo Eugenia Superyacht - Katy Pascoe

  • Hi Alexia, it was easy working with you and your team and you really knocked it out of the park. We look forward to many more trips ahead! 

    Texas, USA - Align Lifestyle Management - Nicole Adams

  • I so appreciate you and Queen of Clubs making this trip memorable for our mutual clients!

    USA - Travel Experts - Lee Scheeler

  • I am so grateful to you and your team. This is a great example of true partnership to be able to arrange an epic trip to a place that I have no clue where to begin.

    Vancouver, USA - Renshaw Travel Ltd. - David E. Lowy

  • You guys are the best - thank you! This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!

    Vienna, Austria - Lily Pond Luxury - McLean Robbins


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